February 01, 2011

Imbolc Blessings and 5th annual Cyberslam poetry for Brighid event

 It is officially Imbolc.
 How do I know?
  I saw my first snowdrops today and I've already seen lambs, so that proves it then
 Imbolc  first milk and dedicated to Brighid.
   A time of hope of brighter days to come.
  After the hard January that so many of us have had there is  a whisper of Spring on the breeze
  Lots of bulbs pushing their way up despite the snow and harsh weather. They know, they too have felt the promise.
 Can you feel the change? The magic of the turn of the wheel?
 The signs that say move on, leave the dark inward days, open up to new experiences and new beginnings.
 The time of introspection is behind us, now we feel the urge to be outside and to start things growing. New seeds, new plants.
 Some of these pictures were taken at Chester Zoo last weekend when we visited and they too have new growth for Spring, new elephant baby who was so sweet but oh so shy and stayed close to mum.
Because it is Imbolc it is the time of  the 5th Annual Cyberspace Poetry slam for Brigid. I love this time of year, so much fabulous poetry to be seen on the web, so many people joining in. Will you?
My next post will have my contribution. If you follow the link or google 5th Annual Cyberspace poetry slam for Brigid you will see many many more.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Imbolc blessings to you! May the promise of Spring soon be fulfilled!

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