May 31, 2008

Born of water revisited.

someone asked where the title came from? One of my favourite pagan chants.
© Starhawk

Born of water, cleansing, powerful
Changing healing, we are...

This goes well with


The River is flowing,
Flowing and growing,
The River is flowing,
Down to the sea.

Mother Earth carry me, your child I will always be.
Mother Earth carry me down to the sea.
Here endeth water while I get on with earth shawl:) No name as yet we shall see what suggests itself as the shawl unfurls.


Anonymous said...

I've not read that before, it's beautiful - thanks for sharing. Dawn x

maylin said...

One of y most enduring memories was singing the river chant over and over with thousands of other women as we danced round and round by the light of hundreds of candles in the moonlight outside Greenham Common after the 'Embrace the Base' Another one that comes to mind is the Ova chant:

Under the full moonlight we dance
Spirits dance we dance
Joining hands we dance
Joining souls rejoice

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