December 01, 2006

OOhhh we be surrounded by water

As you can see by the photos we have a lot of water around at the moment. The village was cut off for a while until it dropped a little. Now we are only partially isolated. We had been to visit my MIL yesterday and arrived home around 4.30pm. Fortunately for us as an hour or so later the waters rose. Doesn't it look beautiful though?
I have been knitting and made 2 quick scarves in a pink chenille for a friends birthday and an aunts birthday. Not my colours but they will both love it I know. I forgot to photograph them sorry. Now I need a project, something simple and doable while reading or watching the odd bit of tv. Another shawl maybe or???


Marianne said...

Oh, Amber, I'm so glad you made it home when you did, lovely rain (we're actually in a drought and have been for a couple of years) and even though lots of it, it is beautiful, it's still so green there.....I actually was so tempted to join in on your art giving but this just so isn't a good time to even think about it....still nose deep in the holiday knitting and here it is officially December which means.....oof. Perhaps at a later date.
I trust you've been keeping warm and cozy in your home, particularly your crafting room...I've been enjoying your wee elementals and the mask is incredible.

Anonymous said...

Do you own a boat Amber? That must be a little worrying .I hope your house is on high ground. Even here the storm drains backed up yesterday but we live at the highest point in town. Last Winter hardly any rain ,this winter it won't stop!

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