September 09, 2006

a walk with fungi

We had a lovely walk today and I was astounded at the amount and variety of fungi we saw.There were so many weird and wonderful ones to photograph. We also saw the most fantastic funnel spider as you can see from the photo. The waterfall is at the bottom end of the village street and I hadn't seen it before as I normally don't walk near by. The castle is the one in the meadow behind our home. Ruined sadly but still a very interesting place to walk around, only thing is you can't go inside due to all the falling masonry

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Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Your images of the fungi are stunning! We don't have quite the range you do, but still keeping my eyes open when wandering in the woods reveals a surprising number of different kinds.

All our castles are ruined (except for Jeremy Irons' one!) so we get used to the crumbling masonry. You just take a bit more care when clambering around!

Your work is beautiful, and very powerful. Keep working the charms.

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