Oh I need a new computer:( and Lammas as well

I need a new computer so I have to find things to destash:( For a start I am selling some Woolmeise yarn(too thin for me) a weaving loom , a jumbo yarn winder ,Adana printing press complete with trays of type etc.and well we will have to see what else. I have been looking around and found a place local to me that can do a good deal. They have been there 4 years so not fly by nights. Now I just need to raise the funds. Meanwhile I'm managing sort of.
It is almost Lammas, Lunasa, Lughnasa just a few of the names for it. One of my favourite turns of the wheel. A time of lushness, abundance. A time to say thank you for the growth of the crops, the harvest. I'll be celebrating with Mr Mog and whoever else turns up.


angie Cox said…
Happy Lammas to you and yours. I hate dark nights I must admit but autumn is our favourite time of year ( not that we've had Summer yet !
Bobbi said…
Would you tell me more about your Wollmeise, please?

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