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SP7, a package came:)

craft room chaos

cream crackered and still no knitting:(

blues, no knitting


A card from my SP7 pal:)

Yet another hat finished:)

Yeah, pictures of the shawl finished:)

What kind of an animal are you? Story told to the mog by her 2 kits

hectic 2 days and knitting(or not) to Cumbria

Knitting ,ebaying and eating

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Friday 13th an auspicious day and new hat posted:)

Another hat done and a marathon on ebay

First hat made

Letting go and SP7 I got my partner

SP7 questionnaire

Fire elemental and knitting

12th night celebrations and a thought

Dark day, cold day

winter haiku(and I know I have blogged today)

Blogs stole my muse

More art uploaded

final(almost) total on scarves made for Yule