Tour de France KAL pictures and printing press anyone?

Here you go, finished and blocked Lammas shawl as part of the tour de france KAL:) I love this, the colours are perfect for me for lammas, the corn and the harvest. I've also uploaded a picture of the progress to date on shawl #3 for the TdeF KAL. More cherry/burgundy and also reflects the lammas tale of the death of John Barleycorn. For us all to eat the crops have to be harvested, hence the blood aspect.
I'm selling an adana printing press complete with what seems like thousands of type etc. pictures on my picturetrail if anyone interested.


yvonnep said…
Oh Amber, your blog looks nice, so fresh and open! Great. You also did a great job on all the shawls. They are beautiful!
Janet said…
The yellow shawl is beautiful - well done!
Brooke said…
Such pretty shawls, and I looooove you Elementals :) They always make me smile :)
AlisonH said…
Look at those colors! Especially the cherry/burgundy!

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