Lammas greetings and anyone want a spinning wheel?

Lammas greeting to you all on this special day where the wheel turns once more towards the dark half of the year:)
I wish you all a joyous day full of energy love and fruitfulness.
I adore Lammas, one of the abundant festivals

On another note I'm selling a spinning wheel if anyone is interested?


Anonymous said…
Hmm the only way i could read this entry was by highlighting it..the words are disappeared ( hm thats not the right word but yanno)
If you lived near me i'd look at the wheel :)
ambermoggie said…
blog is showing ok when I go to view it?
KnitMoka said…
Happy Lammas! We'll be making corn bread and eating a meal almost that we grew about half of. The boys are taking much needed pre-festivites naps, leaving time for some Lammas knitting for mama! Have a lovely lovely day!

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