Tour de France KAL I choose the polka dot jersey:) Also elemental dolls if you want one

I've decided to change my Tour project and I'm now going for the king of the mountains, the polka dot jersey:)
I am attempting Natalie at the yarn yards pattern the Dappled Diamonds lace shawl. Proper lace please note:)
This mog is not afeared, no sirree I will give it my best shot:)
Mr Mog helped me wind the yarn, sadly the woolmeise decided to be uncooperative here you see the result:(
You can also see the swatch I did to see if the pattern was doable for me in fine yarn. However it doesn't really show to advantage with this so I'm on Woolmeise Sockenwolle Colour Veilchen. Will I do it? I'll certainly give it a go:)
Now how do I add the button please?
I'm also on with another ocean lace stole for fun:)
Also i had lots of lovely comments about my elemental figures. I don't sell them but I will gladly trade for other artwork or yarn things if you want one. Email me direct please


natalie said…
The shawl looks very pretty in those colours, very autumnal.
Can you email me about a figure please?
natalie said…
Sorry, should have given my email address, I didn't realise it was moderated...
Meg said…
it's all going on here! I need to get my act in gear so I'm ready to start my project on the appointed day...
looks like you've got your button added but if you're still wondering the best directions are probably found by searching something like 'sidebar image' in the blogger help section. I could try to explain what I do but would probably make it sound more confusing than it is!
Artis-Anne said…
I have just seen your elemental doll on Jo's blog, its glorious I would love one but I don't know your e-mail addy.
Mine is
Dez Crawford said…
Amber, I've visited your blog before and enjoyed your posts but your spirit doll on Jo's blog dropped me in my tracks.

I am an animist with strong ties to my spirit animals and my spirit trees. I would love a spirit doll if you accept proper Pagan trade; I have handspun, fleece and yarn.

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