February 04, 2016

Cancer update latest

mr Mog had MRI today. He has been rushed to specialist neurological unit. He has lesions on his spine and possible spinal cord compression. Oncology, neurology and spinal cord people will have meeting in the morning to discuss and decide treatment. More as I know it.

February 01, 2016

Cancer update

it's a long time between posts, I am so sorry but life is pretty awful at the minute. Mr Mog has been poorly for lack of a better word. Oncology was last Tuesday . Oncologist decided not to carry on with chemo as he has been so ill. Huge relief  but tinged with worry for both of us. She decided that Mr Mog would have radium223 otherwise known as Xofigo. 6 treatments and 4 weeks apart. This is purely for pain but apparently some times can prolong life a little. She warned it could be 4-5 weeks before first treatment but in the event radiotherapy rang as we Got back to our friend Ms home and offered tomorrow for first treatment. As we had just booked a night away in Liverpool for tonight we weren't sure what to do. They said it was no problem and it's been rescheduled for next Wednesday . Mr M was desperate to have a night in Liverpool at our favourite hotel so our dear friend M agreed to go with us for moral support and help as she was formerly a ward sister. I think the thought of Liverpool has kept Mr M going. Last Thursday he had to see doctor and is now on another course of antibiotics as his chest infection wouldn't go away. He has lost more weight and is now just 10 and half stone:( he is on fortisips to try and gain some weight. We got to Liverpool but I am not sure if I wish we hadn't come or am glad we did. He is shattered, can barely walk and is so so tired and sore. I suspect this may be our final trip away and it breaks my heart to see him so frail. Tomorrow we go home and on Wednesday Macmillan nurses are coming to see us. Doctor has ordered a special mattress for Mr M as he now has pressure sores starting on both hips. Last week we saw palliative care consultant at the hospice go tweak his medication. Trouble is the pain relief is not quite cutting it, the pain breaks through mainly in the day. He sleeps fairly heavily once he gets to sleep. He is sleeping much more in the day now as well. We have been truly blessed with incredible friends and family who ring, visit, email and send cards. Lots of online friends also who we have never met.
For this I am truly grateful.
I have cried for Britain, I feel so desperately sad seeing the man I love so ill.

January 19, 2016

Chemo update

Second chemo was 2 weeks ago.  Mr Mog has been quite poorly. They had to take him in to hospital the week after chemo with a very high temperature and infection. He was in 3 days  on drips, oxygen and antibiotics. Slept around 22 hours out of the 24.  They decided the infection was inconclusive and as his temperature had returned to normal they sent him home last Tuesday.
Wednesday night he was very rattly breathing and on Thursday doctor came to visit and sent him back into hospital with suspected pneumonia and very low oxygen levels. It was confirmed it was pneumonia so he was put on antibiotics , stronger ones and on oxygen (again)  the first time in hospital was good, staff were excellent and pain relief adequate.
This time was totally different and I will be complaining. Pain relief was abysmal, no regular drug rounds and I frequently had to chase nurses for his medication as he was in agony. Friday  the drugs were non existent til I arrived mid morning and eventually were given. Afternoon ones took several hours to get as they kept giving excuses. Friday night they were moving him to a ward and he rang me at 10 then said he would have to put phone down as they were taking him to ward. 11pm he rang in tears, not been moved and was sat on end of bed as they had taken all his bedding. They finally moved him at midnight in tears. Saturday was a usual fight for the drugs he needed. Sunday there was a very nasty nurse on. Usual fight for drugs and at lunch time while I was trying to persuade Mr Mog to eat a little( he has lost a lot of weight) she came up swooshed the curtains round the bed and said it was restricted meal time and I shouldn't be there. As I was trying to persuade him to have a little soup I most certainly wasn't moving. After the hour I got up and opened curtains as Mr Mog was struggling with lack of air.  In the afternoon our friends came and we had usual fight for drugs. Eventually ward manager came and gave Mr Mog what he needed. Not sure if she had a word with nurse but for a short while she was almost human. At half four she came over to us and said we all had to leave visiting was finished. Now bear in mind I normally stayed all day until 8pm, our friends asked did it mean I had to go and she said yes all of us. Yesterday I got there for 9am as palliative pain specialist was supposed to be coming to see  Mr M. Still no pain relief when I got there . At 10-
45 they were bringing some drugs when consultant came with pain people so drugs delayed. He agreed that Mr Mog could go home if oxygen levels ok. They have upped the pain relief.
 He is weary, not eating and things are not at their best.
Oh and discharge diagnosis? Hospital acquired pneumonia. Obviously caught on first visit. I have picked up a viral infection, presume in the same spot.
That's where we are up to.

December 21, 2015

Happy Solstice

Happy Solstice, merry Yule and may the returning light bring with it joy, healing and creativity.

I made these cards for an exchange I am in but thought it would do perfectly for my Solstice card.
I haven't sent any cards ,apart from one to Mr Mogs mother. We decided to donate to the chemo unit instead as they do such a sterling job.

So chemo. Mr Mog had his first treatment last Tuesday. The week before was awful , so many tears shed by both of us. Most of them through fear of the Unknown. We didn't know what to expect.

On the day itself our friend drove us to the unit and told us to phone when we were ready to  come home. Once the chemo nurse greeted us and took us to the unit it all became much less worrying.

They were so friendly and helpful. Explained everything that was going to happen to Mr Mog. Gave us a short DVD to watch which explained even more. As they started to prepare him for the drip they told Mr M that they would stop anytime he felt uncomfortable or if he wasn't sure of anything. They made us both a cup of tea and brought biscuits then showed us where to find more drinks hot and cold. It took around 4 hours for this first appointment but we were told subsequent ones would be less.

The week since has not been good. We have had doctor out several times and I had to ring the chemo helpline both days over the weekend as Mr Mog was constantly burping and being sick. He was given different  anti sickness tablets and they seem to have helped. He has been very tired and last night was in bed before 9. Today he is asleep now at 9 also.  But he was still not good this morning and had a very sore mouth and throat. Our GP came and has prescribed drops as it is thrush.  It's frightening and worrying to see such a vibrant man looking so frail and poorly. I hope the chemo helps him. His next appointment is 5th January . All healing thoughts are gratefully received. Thank you.

btw the magpies came to visit morning after chemo as they do most days. As for the bunny that came with the online purchase of a thermometer. Totally unexpected. The package said for your child;)

December 11, 2015

Cancer update

radiotherapy didn't help. New drugs (abiraterone )  didn't either. Oncology appointment was last Tuesday as I brought it forward a week due to Mr Mogs dreadful pain and deterioration. Chemotherapy has now been offered and starts on Tuesday so long as Monday's blood tests allow. The appointment was awful, Mr Mog collapsed due to the shock I think and his blood pressure dropped incredibly low. It took a while to bring him round with the help of sweet tea. Hoping the chemo helps him as he cant stand for very long, can't walk more than a few steps without needing to catch his breath. Hard to believe the deterioration in just a few short weeks. I suspect Yule will be a somber affair. We aren't sending Yule cards this year but instead we are making a donation to the oncology centre. One good point in it all, we have a fantastic doctor. He is sadly only with the surgery until summer as he is a registrar doing a while with GP. He is an absolute star, he has visited most days to avoid Mr Mog needing to go to surgery and has continually tweaked the pain medication to try and ease the pain. Today's visit he again increased the drugs for Mr Mog. He always mentions how lovely the house is and how wonderfully it smells. I think he likes visiting us;)

November 24, 2015

Better day:)

Mr Mog slept last night and wasn't sick or today thankfully which gives meds a chance. Thanks everyone for all the cards, phone calls and online messages they have really helped us both.
I've been distracting myself;)

 The darker pictures are more true to life, it's hard to get accurate snaps this time of year.
The key box was donated by a friend and will be going to another friend for her Yule gift.

November 22, 2015

Cancer update 2

A bad few days for Mr Mog after the radiotherapy. Ended up on oramorph Friday plus lax drinks to counter the effects of it and anti sickness pills. Friday was ok and relatively pain free but  yesterday was terrible with lots of vomiting (mr Mog) and tears both of us. He wasn't going to have any more oramorph but had a little last night and managed to sleep. Today he was sick from lunch time and has spent the day in bed. It will be an early phone call to the GP when the surgery opens. Only drugs he would take are paracetamol which obviously don't cut it.