Tour de France KAL final leg it could be 3 shawls:)

Well we are in the final stages of the tour de france . Although this for me has been one of the worst ones with the drug scandals etc, I've still enjoyed the cycling especially knitting along to it after the first fiascos:)
I have my lammas shawl blocking and hope to have pictures tomorrow. AND I may have a third one finished by Sunday:) I'm working with the sockapalooza yarn I won. I've mixed it with a burgundy mohair and I like the look of the mtogether. We will see what you all think when it is on the podium:)
I've been so appreciative of all the encouragement, especially in the first week. I couldn't have done it without you all. Thank you.


clarabelle said…
I'm not sure that I understand any of this Tour de France KAL thingie, but just to say that your shawl looks superb!

And I love the dolls! I'm again not sure what it means by elemental, but they look wonderful. Are they child-proof?
clarabelle said…
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Oh, loving what you are up to!!!

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