A weird thing about me:)

I just read on someones blog where they asked for one weird thing about you and suddenly remembered this:)
I add up numbers in my head and the number that relates to a letter(as in A =1) also try to make all numbers in sentences add up to 10 (the ones in my head not when I'm speaking GG)
When I was young I used to be convinced I had something to do with codes in the war, although the war finished a good few yearsbefore I was born
Stay tuned later for some photos:)


Sarah-Hope said…
Fascinating weird thing. Mine is that I remember telephone numbers by shape. For example, I have a friend who's a triange followed by a square, both starting in the upper left and moving clockwise.

Have you read much on war-time codes? I went on a binge of books on the topic about ten years ago. There's lots of fascinating info out there.

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