Woolfest both people and stash

First 2 pictures. Here you see the glorious gifts from Jo
who I finally got to meet:) It was so wonderful to catch up at last and Jo is exactly as I pictured her, a lovely person and it seemed as if we had always known each other. The yarn and gorgeous cat will be treasured. Thank you Jo. Unfortunately my camera phone doesn't show the true depth of colour so you will just have to imagine it:)
Next the haul. Buttons and 2 skeins from Jenni at Fyberspates. have tried to show the skeins separately but its hard to see the lusciousness of the colour.

Then we have photos:) Firstly Carrie
English Jo, Jenni from Fyberspates, Natalie from the Yarn Yard,
Finally some fibre on the hoof as it were:)


natalie said…
Hi there AM, it was great to meet you at last, and that shawl you were wearing was just fab.... I may get some mohair in just for you!
I'm glad you managed to get a rest in the middle, it was very busy all day, we were there at 9.30 to set up and the next thing I knew it was three o'clock!

acrylik said…
Wonderful to meet you ambermoggie! Looks like you had a fantastic time :)
Hi - I had hoped to catch up with you on Friday, after we met at Natalie's stall, but I had a really bad migraine and had to leave the 'fest early ;0(
Might see you next year!
Artis-Anne said…
Sorry I missed you there :(
Wasn't it great :) if exhausting

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