Tour de France KAL, oh woe is me. Help needed frogging

Oh woe, oh woe is me:(
I was trundling along quite nicely with my Forest Canopy shawl. Enjoying it after all the frog pond visits. We were becoming quite an item. Then, what happens? I go wrong and not content to go wrong I don't realise til I've finished the next 2 rows. Well if I'm honest I did notice but hoped I was wrong and that it would magically right itself. Guess what? It didn't.
Now I don't want to have to pull back it all. Not unless it is absolutely the final resort. I'm hoping some kind soul out there will have a method for say ripping back 3 rows. To save this poor little moggie from being downcast.


Brahdelt said…
Poor you!... Here is an excellent method to frog lace posted by Kenny:
I'll keep my fingers crossed!
Marianne said…
I've been there before, I just tink back, I know it takes time but that's what I do...then I seriously consider putting a life line in...and do and continue to put them in there every few rows.. just sayin' ;^)
It's very pretty, the colours in that yarn are beautiful.
Probably Jane said…
For me, stitch by stitch would be the safest way - with a little treat in between every row as an incentive.

It does look beautiful though - you'll have forgotten all about this when it is done and you're wearing it!
Anonymous said…
Hi, I made this shawl. It was my first lace. I think yours is lovely and I would love to see it fully blocked, I think that you can still block this piece slightly larger and then the stitch definition will really pop. Also, depending on your yarn type, when you dampen it to block it for real, the yarn will bloom, it will look much fuller and I think you will be very surprised and pleased.
As for the mistake you'd like to fix, you can tink back, by unknitting every stitch, one at a time this time reading the chart from Left to Right and remembering to unpearl the WS rows as well. I know that I have learned so much about knitting from having to go backwards. It's fun. For a while.
I'm now on my 2nd lace, and have learned that using a life line is really handy. I am knitting on a circular needle, so when I finish a pattern row (RS row), I can use a tapestry needle with a slightly thicker yarn, in my case a nice, non fuzzy sock weight, to string a line through every stitch. Running parallel right along the cable.
After I got tired of frogging and tinking, I put a life line in after every RS row, gradually, now, I'm putting one in every 3rd or 4th row when I'm feeling confident and alert.
Don't despair, I really think you are making a beautiful shawl. Unblocked lace has all kinds of nicknames like ramen noodles.

I found you from the knitlist.
Aknita said…
Having read again properly I can see you did put a lifeline in, sorry!

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