Fell off, bloodied but back in the saddle with new project:) and I'm a winner:))

Thank you all for your wonderfully encouraging comments and hints. Yesterday was a dreadful day but I'm back in the saddle all be it at the back of the race. I'm going for speed now, forget the king of the mountains. Yes I will have another go at the shawl and with thicker yarn. Just not now please? I feel bloodied and beaten with it for the moment.
So I thought long and hard about my knitting and it is therapy for me and it does help keep my fingers working. It helps me get through the pain days like yesterday, where nothing eases my poor bones. Not pills or creams or even hot baths. Sometimes nothing takes the pain to the back burner. But knitting, ah knitting makes my mind wander off to places new and the pain can't always go there. Maybe that's why I couldn't keep my YOs and K2togs in the correct place?
Whatever, I cast on for a chevron shawl from my favourite pattern. Justonemorerow.com.
Its knit from the top down and its a familiar friend. I'm using some white boucle and I think it looks ok. Will I finish it speedily? Watch this space.
Another bit of good news, or should I say great news? I won todays drawing in the Yarnapalooza draw:)
I'll let you know what goodies when they arrive:)
Right I hear Mr Mog calling, the tour highlights are on so I'm off to knit


Anonymous said…
Glad to see you are back at it! It looks great so far. I have not been brave enough to tackle lace yet.

KVVS Secret Pal
foreverknit said…
I am hearing ya! I started my first lace project as part of the TdF KAL and the first rows were hellish!
But now I feel like I have the rhythm and am loving..in fact what I am doing here, I should be knitting more!
Good luck for the rest of the stages!
Artis-Anne said…
So pleased thaat you are back knitting and I agree its a therapy Congratulation re winning a price and I look fwd to seeing it:)
Spinayarn said…
Well done for getting back in the saddle (knitting wise) I have CFS and knitting is certainly therapy for me too : )
Darling Amber, go with whatever feels right at a particular time (OK, so I know that means hundreds of UFOs stashed around the place, so what?) I think the thicker yarn and a happy familiar project are the things you need at the moment.

Green woodland thoughts from Ireland.
yvonnep said…
Oui, tu es formidable!
artyfartykat said…
Pleased you are back on track, knitting can be so therapeutic.
Well done winning a prize too!

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