Woolfest = Ravfest very long part 2

A deep breath and off we go. You are ready for part 2 are you? There will be yarn and yarn people and more.
Ravellers you ask? There were many ravellers and I didn't get everyones names, or if I did I forgot.
But here in no particular order are just a few of them
Artfartykat,Spinning fishwife, Babylonglegs,SallyH, Cae who organised it all so well.
spiderknits, Crobbles,yummymummy,Lisa from the knitted garden in Bolton. Phew and there were more
Babylonglegs and Miffy Rabbit knitting away with a stall holder.
Spinning fishwife and Janes probably knitting. She was - on large needles:)

I met Helen and Les from the Artful Dodgers yahoogroup.
I met one or three stall holders:)
Gemma from Krafty Koala, check out the yarn colours:)

Whealdale woolcrafts, more colours:)
Knitting4fun. Check out the fabulous purple hair on the lady who owns it:)
Andy from BFL getting ready for the rush:) He has a great raffle on at the moment. In aid of the Mirasol project.

Freyalynne with Sal, wonderful hats:)

Phil from the Laal Bear. Ursula had gone walkabout :)
Sock on the woolclip stall fabulous shades to them.

Nat and Mr Yarn yard
Amanda from the Natural Dye Studio
The button lady, with a myriad of buttons.

Carol spindling:)

Getting fleece ready to spin.more spindles, many more.
Jeni from Fyberspates. The new sock yarn is incredible ,but more on that later.
more colours.
Knitwitches:) Well one anyway:)
Jo these are for you. Winghams
Debbie from DT Crafts

Even larger needles.

A dragon for Mr Mog, I traded an elemental for this isn't it sweet?
Artwork on show, a felted wall

Now as I said earlier, folks were very generous and donated yarn for the hospice sock project

This from the 2 girls on knitshop.co.uk

This from Debbie at DT Crafts, some of her hand dyed:)
This from Knitwitches, look Jan purples:))

Gemma from Krafty koala gave this:)

This was from Wye sue for my collection
As this has been a long post again I'll put the remainder of the goodies in my 3rd post.
Back in a mo:)


BabyLongLegs said…
LOL.....what am I saying in that picture????
It was the absolute highlight of my Woolfest to finally meet you, Mrs Mog......we've virtually known each other for a few years now, havn't we??

Big hugs...and a cuddle for the brightness that is Mr Mog :D

Sarah xXx
Probably Jane said…
It was a joy to meet both you, Amber and Mr Mog - thanks for being part of making such a lovely weekend!
Angeluna said…
Oh my gosh, you sure know how to tempt a girl! You must have had a wonderful time.

Thank you for your kind comments. It means a lot.
Goodness me Amber....I cannot remember the last time I saw so much wool and the colours are to dye for! I suspect you were in your element amongst it all.
m said…
Thanks for taking me there too.
I managed to go to Woolfest for the Friday a couple of years ago, but work has got in the way since. It looks better than ever.
clarabelle said…
Fantastic commentary and photos for Woolfest, Amber! Only wish I could have been there...

Love the Mr Mog photo!
Rosie said…
OOh, this is bringing back lovely memories. I bought some of those multi-coloured hiking socks from the woolclip for my husband and he tested them out on the Cumbrian Fells on sunday. Apparently they feel as good as they look.
twellve said…
wow. all that fiber made me drool, until i saw the kraftykoala yarn and then i was downright green with envy! gorgeous colors.
any chance you can tell me which colorway that is?
Anni said…
I'm speechless at hte sight of all that gorgeosu yarn and fiber.

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