Will trade for (mohair) yarn:)

Am in the middle of making another series of elementals as you can see. They are kicking up their heels awaiting dressing.I've decided that I'd possibly like to trade these for mohair yarns if anyone is interested? Have to fuel the shawl fetish some how you know:) Gorgeous weather here and not a cloud in sight. Really good to feel the warmth of the sun as it heads towards solstice.
I have an ecg on Wednesday to see what needs to be done with the heart murmur/extra beat thing and the breathlessness.
Looking forward to Woolfest. Mr Mog and I will have ravelling at woolfest exclusive Tshirts, my friend is making them:) There will be spares if anyone wants to purchase from her.


yvette said…
I would love to trade for a doll, if I have something you would like, will check out the mohair later on ;0)
I have 10 balls of Hayfield 80% mohair in the same shade as Vicky's shawl and 10 balls of really bright pink if you are interested. let Vicky know and maybe next time she calls she can pick it up for you.
Hope that your ECG turns out well and that they get to the bottom of the heart murmur thing. As for the extra beat thing I am kinda attatched to my bongo rhythm. I was born with it and it hasn't done me any harm for 62 yrs.
I only get breathless when I am patting gorgeous yarn!
janilizi said…
I think I have some mohair in my stash, how much do you want? reply
my blogger connection no longer works and I don't know how to change it

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