Woolfest = Ravfest very long part 1

Ready to go almost, there was more in the car:) I had elementals for gifts and to trade, I had shawls I had water. I was ready. Lets go.

It was misty but still good views to see.

Lots of trees and all in full leaf.

Nearly there, just a little longer. Don't be impatient:)

Yes we have arrived:))

WOW, what can I say? Woolfest was incredible, so much colour and so much choice. But for me this year was all about Ravelry and meeting online friends. There were so many people I "knew" via email but met for the first time. So many friendships forged and strengthened. Ravelry made this years Woolfest for me.
So in no particular order I'll upload some of the many photos we took. And yes there was stash enhancement but not too much:)
I did however get some wonderful donations for the hospice sock year.
Jo you would have loved it, all your favourites were there including Wingham Wools. So much yarn and fibres. You must come over next year even if we have to come and kidnap you before hand:)
We arrived mid afternoon Thursday ready to help Wye Sue set up the Knitting and Crochet guild stand. I had met Sue last year at my first Woolfest when she kindly took me in hand after the overwhelming colour and busyness threatened to swamp me:) Sue gave me the first of my stash enhancement as you can see:)
Sue arrived with Rosie and her husband Graham. Rosie and I have chatted back and forth for a while now over email so it was lovely to meet her:)
It was so great to see all the items being pinned and placed on the guild stand.

Daffy is stunning but his little sister Rosy is just as gorgeous and can you believe Rosey took only 11 days? Wye Sue's knitting skills put me to shame. We had knickers(knitted of course) throws, socks, Ruths (Woolly wormhead) hats for people to try on. These were even better in the flesh.

Ruth is one talented hat artist and she was sadly missed. So many people asked about her.
Fran arrived then to assist . Fran and I have also spoken much by emails so another instant friendship:)
After setting up the stall we had to go and check out the various stands, purely in the interests of research you understand and not because we were making out our wish lists. No sir, not at all;)
We then went and had some tapas with Sue, Rosie and Graham before Mr Mog and I took ourselves off to our friend in Aspatria where we were spending the weekend. Several glasses of wine later we tootled off to bed. The idea was a good nights sleep before the excitement that is Woolfest.
That however didn't happen:)) Poor Mr Mog what a bad night I gave him. This time of year ,as you know, there aren't many hours of actual darkness. There wasn't a clock in the bedroom but I had my trusty mobile phone. One problem, I can't see the tiny screen without my specs. Mr Mog was rudely woken every hour it seemed, on the hour, to have the phone thrust at him and be asked what time is it. Yes I know I shouldn't have done it but I was so excited I couldn't sleep and I couldn't see the screen. . He was very patient,bless him and never said a word(except the time) even though the first time I asked was 4am I think. We didn't get too much sleep and were up before 8 getting ready. You know when small children are excited about going somewhere and keep asking "are we there yet?" that was me with the time.
We got to the auction mart at 9am and had wonderful bacon sandwiches in the cafe there. Plenty to keep one going if one was too busy chatting to all and sundry to go for more food.
We then checked out the stalls once more, as you do, in case things had changed over night. They hadn't except for the addition of one or two who were late setting up. Didn't buy anything but we looked, nay we examined the yarns. It was purely for research. After all folks coming to the K&CG stand may have wanted to ask where a particular stall was. Or they may have wanted an idea of what kind of things they could find. That was our excuse anyway and we are sticking to it.

There were animals(of course) and fleeces for sale.
Mr Mog will have more sheepy pics sometime on his blog but this is a wee taster for you.

After all I don't want you to think we concentrated on just the stalls:)

There was lots of fleece for sale. Not that I need any of that, no sir no more crafts for me . Although some folks tried to tempt me down the dark paths. I resisted, it was hard but I resisted:))

Then the people, the Ravellers. So many coming up and asking "are you amber? I am --"
I don't like to single out anyone as they were all lovely but I met Artis-Anne finally:)) We were going to meet up at Wonderwool but Mr Mog was in middle of his treatment. Anne had asked us to visit, he was in treatment. This was it our first meeting. Would we know each other? Would we chat to each other as much as we did by email? Readers we did, in fact we both squealed I think and hugged for Britain:))) Mr Mog and Anne's husband Tony stood back a little bemused. We introduced them to each other and more chatting, lots more chatting. Finally they tore themselves away to go and check out the stalls but we agreed to go out to their camper for tea and cake later. A good job we did because no lunch was forthcoming, we were too busy talking.
We are going to go and visit them soon, Anne has promised to teach me dyeing. Her yarns and fibre are such evocative colours I will be thrilled to learn how to create like her.
We met Ursula and Phil from the Laal Bear, their stand was full of must haves. See the plaque Phil made? Isn't that a great sentiment and they gave it me:)))

I purchased sock yarn from them. Well I had to because I was up to the heel turn on my blue sock and I just knew I couldn't concentrate with all that was going on. I love the colour, it is Pansy and it knits so well. As you can see I have got quite a way with it.
Mr Mog had a marvellous time. You know before hand how I said he would go and do his own thing and then wouldn't be bored? Well Friday he went off for a few hours to help a friend repair his cycle but the rest of the time he stayed. He learnt finger knitting from Wye Sue then taught many people how to do it. Several times on Saturday I couldn't actually see him for the crowds around finger knitting. From young children to others of a more mature persuasion he took them on and got them knitting. He wasn't alone mind, Wye Sue had us all doing it:) We finger knitted our way through the show.
Mr Mog does get on well with people. He chatted to everyone and he hugged lots of women, good job I am not the jealous sort. They all wanted to meet him and see how he was doing with his treatment.

As you can see he is looking well. Colourful no? I didn't want him getting lost in the crowds:))


Can't wait for Part 2! I soooo wanted to get to Woolfest but due to a few things I couldn't make it this year. I really wanted to meet you. Glad you had a good time.
BabyLongLegs said…
I got one of those plaques from Urula too...but mine is a "Spinning Forever, Housework whenever" one....so fab, I now have it hanging on the patio door handle where I keep Louie :)

Sarah xXx
Thanks for all of your Woolfest blogs. I feel like I was there with you - so much information and lots of photos - it's great.
The wool looks beautiful especially the purples.
Great outfit Mr Mog.
I am so glad that you both had such a good time.
Hopefully I will make it to next year's Woolfest.

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