Mabon shawl finished and mohair from car boot sale

The Mabon shawl is finished and I love the completed article:) It feels so light and floaty but yet very very warm.
Yarn Artful yarns portrait color 161. 4 x 50gm balls
needles 7mm
You will notice that resting besides it on the bench is the start of yet another:)
This will be different styles of yarn all on the purple spectrum. A thread of medium purple mohair will be carried along with what ever else I use to add continuity. This will be a meditation shawl. Both in the making and for who ever gets it . They can wrap themselves up in it to keep out the world while they meditate or do ritual.

This is the mohair I found at the car boot sale yesterday. It is so soft to the touch and yet not too fine for knitting. There are 10 balls there all 50gm approx. The colour appears to go from the teal green to the deep burgundy. Looking forward to seeing it knit up.
And how much? £3 to the Macmillan nurses appeal.
We are heading towards Woolfest and I'm really looking forward to catching up with friends I've not yet met except through email.
My friend has designed a print for on Tshirts and bags. I'm ravelling at Woolfest. Pictures tomorrow. She is doing them at cost and all profits are being shared between Ravelry, Knitting and crochet guild and our local hospice. Hoping to sell a few to raise funds:)
Mr Mog will be at Woolfest with me and we will be there both days.
He has had problems with a twitch in his face past few weeks. He had it last year in Scotland slightly and the doctor said nothing to be done except Botox. As it wasn't too bad he didn't bother. However past few days it has been a lot worse and over the weekend it was pulling his mouth up as well. I was wondering if it is start of Bells palsy so I am making him an appointment at the doctors to check it out.
Wednesday we have visitors Vicky who I met on Ravelry is coming again to see us and bringing someone else:) More details after Wednesday.


clarabelle said…
Hope Mr Mog is OK? best wishes to him...

I can't make Woolfest, but hope you have a great time!
The shawl looks wonderful. You got a great bargain with the mohair. The joy in a knitter's world. Great wool at a bargain price!
I won't be at Woolfest this year but hopefully I will make it next time.
Hope Mr Mog's face is better. If he is to get Botox then you might get a new fresh faced man on your arm!
The Mabon shawl is gorgeous:)Hugs Darcy

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