Finished sock and gifts

Second pair of socks finished for June, the doktorfish yarn was great to knit I really enjoyed it. I didn't match the socks up I decided fraternal was ok for these.

I received some great parcels in the mail:) This was from Yvette in France in exchange for an elemental. Hand spun/dyed and I don't know if you can see on the front one it has beads in it:) I don't know what it will be yet but something will suggest itself. In the meantime it sits on my desk for inspiration. Thanks Yvette
Then from White Willow Etsy shop Brooke sent me these 2 skeins of sock yarn. Colour is Medicine Woman. Can you see the lovely stitch markers attached? This yarn is so squishy I think it may be a shawl instead of socks:) I ordered this around 10 days ago so it made a fast journey over the pond.
This parcel of joy came from Blue Witch. A while ago I felt drawn to send her a purple shawl and an elemental in appreciation of her blog. It always makes me think and I enjoy her down to earth writing and no nonsense approach. Look what she sent in thanks:) Home grown honey and beeswax candle, needle protectors and gauge and fleece to pack it in. Alpaca and curly blue leicester:) I think I may try spinning it with my drop spindle after Woolfest. Hopefully I may get a few hints on how to use one:)
Thank you BW it was much appreciated and the honey is divine on hand made bread:)
Well we are packed almost for Woolfest. Looking forward to meeting lots of blogger friends throughout the weekend.


Crobbles said…
What wonderful parcels! I'm particularly envious of the White Willow yarn, it's gorgeous.
I shall be checking in on the Blue Witch from now on. I've had a little peep and I too like her attitude.

See you Saturday !!!!!!
Bryony Ramsden said…
Oooo! I like how different your Medicine Woman is to mine :D You'll love knitting it up - is a dream to work with :D
Sarah said…
Have fun at Woolfest
yvette said…
Glad it arrived safely and that you like it, enjoy Woolfest :)
Oh how I wish I could be with you at Woolfest! Remember last year and the fun we had? Your exquisite elemental is sitting above my desk (she prefers height) watching while I type. Think I'll go check the flights again - but no, I know I can't do it in under three days and I can't afford that amount of time right now, even for Woolfest!

Have a good time for me as well as yourself. You are hereby given permission to go mad for both of us!
What lovely parcels. I can just picture your joy whilst opening each one.
The beaded wool suggests a shawl or stole to me.
The Medicine Woman wool is a beautiful colour and would look wonderful in a shawl instead of socks.
Enjoy your Woolfest. I hope that you get to meet lots of blogger friends. Sorry I won't be there to meet up with you once again.
Blue Witch said…

Wish I lived nearer...

I don't know if you know about beeswax candles - I forgot to say in case you don't - you need to trim the wick close to the wax after every burning. The last one like that I burnt lasted nearly 60 hours! (not all in one go I hasten to add!)
nillakitty said…
Oh what beautiful packages! That Medicine Woman colorway is fantastic! The Blue Witch package is truely enviable...
nillakitty said…
Oh, and I want to squish that Yvette yarn real bad!
maylin said…
What good karma you must have earned to get such wonderful parcels! I love the lilac and lemon socks I must look out for that colourway.

I am so envious of you going to Woolfest, one day I will make it and one day we will meet! In the meantime I hope you and Mr Mog have the best time and that your elementals go forth and spread joy (mine hangs dancing above my computer)

yvonnep said…
Lovely parcels and I am envious for the Medicine Woman. It is gorgeous!

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