Earth shawl complete

Finished my Earth shawl.
Reminded me of one of my favourite chants.

Earth my body
Water my blood
Air my breath
and Fire my spirit

The colours are mossy gentle greens with a touch of blue
Yarn used:
100gms of Fyberspates chuff chuff mohair in moss, purchased from Woolfest last year
approx 100gms of Cherrytree hill bay loop mohair boucle gifted by Ulrika
They blend together perfectly and give a misty look to the shawl, not variegated as such but not solid.
Finished width approx 8foot, length approx 4 foot so plenty to wrap around. Very light but very warm.
Well on to the next one and this is going to be in purple once more. Maylin gave me some yarn last year and its a mix of several held together. I think they are all colinette. I am in no way sated with my shawl knitting yet. The socks are still being done but slowly. I think partly because I did so much knitting every day at the cancer centre on my socks that I need to be working bigger at the moment.


Rosie said…
that is so beautiful that I think I may have to knit myself a shawl (not something I ever thought likely!)
Marianne said…
Angie, Earth shawl is Stunning, love those colours!
Roobeedoo said…
Slow down woman - we can't keep up! Lovely shawl!
maylin said…
I am just amazed at how much knitting you get through. The shawl is so beautiful and looks so light and warm. I am sure it would take me the best part of a year to complete.

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