June Hospice socks finished:) and SP12 question

The June hospice socks are completed:) Don't they brighten up the day?
Yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Fun colour 138
needles purple pins 2.5mm
size made large.
Our SP hostess has asked another question:)
As a kid, what did you look forward to most about summer vacation/break/holiday?
I looked forward to spending days on my own in the woods/field behind the house. Sitting in a tree reading or riding the horses that were there bareback. I hated home so spent as much time outside as I could. I even loved being in the trees in the rain:)
And to my SP:) anything you send will be fabulous if its chosen for me so thank you:)


The socks lok lovely. They remind me of gazing into fire embers as a child and using my imagination to take me far away.
As a kid I looked forward to the summer break from school as I used to visit my grandma who lived in the middle of fields of cows and I used to skip through the fields of buttercups, clover daisies and poppies and play make believe games. Occasionally we went to visit my aunt in North Wales and watched the boats at Conwy, the salmon jump up the weir in the river and ride the shire farm horse with neighbouring children.
Simple treats compared with today's childrens holidays.
BabyLongLegs said…
I love the colour of those socks, Amber!!!

(((hug))) for both you and Mr Mog!

Sarah xXx
Aknita said…
Those really are lovely socks - great colour.

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