A finished throw in Colinette

I finished knitting up the gorgeous Colinette mixture from Maylin. It has made a very warm ,stunningly purple throw for cooler evenings. I had just enough left to fringe it and I am so pleased I did as it finishes it off perfectly to my mind.
Stitch, garter stitch. Cast on 40 stitches and knit til almost used up the yarn.
Yarn : Colinette various as gifted by Maylin
Needles: 15mm
Yaradge? No idea but enough for what I wanted.
Now back to my Mabon shawl


Sue said…
Goodness me, but you romped your way through that one! Lovely.
I just love those colours. Nice warm shawl. I agree with Sue that you have romped through that.
I still think Mr Mog props you up in the corner every night with your needles in your hand so that you can knit in your sleep.
Aknita said…
Oh it's beautiful, such lovely colours.

You do know, don't you, that "purple people" are creative, it's a scientifically proven fact!!!!!
Artis-Anne said…
Another truly lovely shawl Amber and full of warmth like yourself
yvonnep said…
Simply beautiful!
maylin said…
You are an unbelieveably fast knitter! As I recall the yarn mix was quite thick with a base of silk so it should be very warm indeed!

Thanks so much for your kind words and sage advice too.
FairiesNest said…
What a gorgeous combination of colors! I also just finished reading your travel post and I love the pictures of the caravans, Thanks!

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