SP12 question of the week and other stuff

Our hostess for SP12 has posed a question:)

What is your favorite summertime drink
Mine has to be rose wine while sitting outisde in the garden watching the moon rise.

Other stuff
The elementals -If you don't have mohair to trade cash always works:). I can always buy more at Woolfest:)
The June sock 1 is nearly finished, photos tomorrow along with the Mabon shawl update.
We had to go and get fuel today as the car was empty and although we can use the bus locally we do have an elderly mum and an elderly aunt a long way from us. If anything happens we need to be able to get to them. There were long queues and idiots putting just a fiver in to fill up. Thats why the country is running out of petrol so speedily before the strike:(
rant over, its a fabulous evening so I think a little sit in the garden would be in order:)


clarabelle said…
The dolls are gorgeous, Amber!

I'm afraid to admit that I don't understand the 'elemental doll' aspect, but visually they look stunning!
Laura said…
Rose is such a refreshing summer wine. Definitely my favourite type of wine. Yummy :D

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