Samhain giveaway

I decided to have a giveaway for Samhain to celebrate the turn of the wheel.
This shawl is the prize. Hand dyed mohair and a large shawl to keep you warm during outside rituals.
The colours remind me of misty skies and the way that mist mutes the colours of the trees and plants. It is very soft and very light to wear, yet warm.
If you would like to win this shawl leave a comment for me. I'll draw the winner on Samhain.
A close up of the colours.


Dianna said…
Amber, you have been a knitting fiend! You are making sweaters, shawls galore, and sharing earth wisdom all at once. I wish the pond which separates us were smaller, and unspoken for time more abundant so that I could learn from you more directly. Even if I lurk around your blog, I enjoy reading your every post. Hugs.
Anonymous said…
You have a gorgeous sense of colour and this is delightful, as always!
Marlene said…
I found you thru Mel's bog! what beautiful colors! I love it..I myself crochet and have never been able to accomplish knitting..wish i could since it requires less yarn! I hope I win this treasure!
Earthenwitch said…
Gosh. I have experienced your gorgeous knitting before, but this is really something special! It seems to be telling me that it would really like to live in a small, draughty thatched cottage in Devon.

Of course, you may disagree... ;)
motheralice said…
Bounced over from Mel's blog! What a beautiful piece- it looks absolutely yummy!!!

I've been trying to learn how to knit, and I can manage the stitches, but anything more than that seems to be cause for holes and mild panic.
I'm sure I'll get it eventually... :)
It's stunning! Your colour perception is amazing and I just get happily lost in every description you give of each knitted piece.Beautiful :D
Anonymous said…
Amber...What a beautiful shawl!! And in my colors, too. Where I live in the desert southwestern US, it would be the only wrap I would need for the dark part of the year
Blessings, Lynn
docwitch said…
'Tis indeed a most beauteous thing. I have often drooled over your shawls dear ambermoggie...and although it may well wish to take up with a certain EW in Devon, it may also be persuaded to fly over to Melbourne.

But then, I don't think I am particularly deserving of such cosiness when we are about to enter into a Moste Wicked Summer.

I salute thee and thy crafty ways!
Beverley Baird said…
What a beautiful shawl!
It is through Mel I have discovered your blog.
Take care.
Holly said…
Your work is stellar, and yes please, if you'd be so kind, enter me in your Samhain gifting!

Bright Blessings!
Carla said…

Your work is beautiful!I love this is woven with all of my favorite colors. I can see myself doing twirly whirls in it.

Carla :)
Ann said…
what beautiful art you make with your fibers. I found your blog in a round-about way..via Mel from Rose. I would love to get this beautiful soul yearns for the comfort of soft,warm,beautifu and made by someone with care and love! please enter me in your drawing for your lovely shawl.Thank you.
Sea said…
I wish I had the time to have a go at spinning. Your results are gorgeous.
Mama Rose said…
Hello Amber! Just found your blog by way of Mel, and am so glad to see your beautiful work!! I'm so in love with this shawl, my goodness :D Here's to hoping I win *fingers crossed
artyfartykat said…
Your shawl is beautiful Amber, I love the colour combination x
Tammy said…
I love everything that you have been doing lately. The shawls, the spinning, the Femmes. Such creativity and insight.
thanks for being such a supportive friend......very much appreciated


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