Les femmes en masse:)

I thought you would like to see a picture of the femmes together, it gives a better representation of their true colour especially the red ones.
And a view of their cloaks.
I'm still buzzing with all the energy that came through to make these. I feel so lucky to have touched the magic and been allowed to create from it.


Vicky said…
Dear Amber, please may I have either Hadynn or Indigo if still available. I am very drawn to orange at the moment, a colour I have never liked very much before, I bought some very firey coloured wool at Ally Pally and have been wearing orange beads too! Please let me know payment details. Thanks x
Laal Bear said…
These are the best you've ever made . :0)
Laal Bear said…
These are the best you've ever made . :0)
They're so vibrant and colourful!
Fantastic! my computer at home is down. The one at work won't let me post. Will be in touch. Keep on creating :o)

Love Sue xxx
would you mine telling me how much your femmes are and where you sell them~i have decided i must have one (...or two...) for 'pretty pagan' when she is ready for her travels :)

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