musings on femmes

Musings on my femmes.
They always say who and what they are, I am just a facilitator. I make what they tell me with material, yarn and jewels.
The light isn't right for photography and of course they haven't chosen their charms and beads yet.
These 2 femmes are in honour of the dark goddess and our female cycle. Even if like me,you no longer have periods our bodies still react to the moon's power. I read on several blogs this past month about the red tent. I can't remember all I read at the minute but it made me think about women's groups in days of old coming together for our moon times. A nurturing environment. I'm not explaining well, this may be down to the yucky bug I seem to be incubating. I may come back to this.

Sky femme reflects the darkest skies of winter

Winter solstice femme reaches deep into the oceans to bring forth her bounty.

As always, if they strike a chord with you email me. They will soon be ready to go out into the world.


Sea said…
if you would like the "Red Tent" I have a copy of it on speaking book that you are welcome to. She's a powerful author
They are delightfully whimsical!
Mama Rose said…
I am soooo loving Winter Solstice Femme. Do you have an online store? The yarn with the sparklies came out beautifully!! Your shawl is glorious!! You are an amazing creator :D
Mel said…
Sometimes, synchronicity is a terrifying thing....

...even without her beads and adornments, there's one there whispering...

I've emailed you...


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