Maiden to Crone series femmes # 3 Hollea

Introducing the third femme in my moon time series.
Meet Hollea.
Hollea represents to me a most powerful aspect of the Goddess. She is still extremely sexual ,and aware of it, yet being beyond childbearing days her sexuality is entirely for pleasure and not for procreation. The bee and beehive necklet she wears is a reminder of her fertility and her link to the great chain but is in no way a burden. As with the earlier femmes she too carries the wooden staff for grounding. Her clothes are a deeper red and filled with the energies of the colour. She brings all this energy with her to help you through all endeavours but reminds you that it doesn't have to be too serious all the time. We all need the freedom to have fun and enjoy life as well.
The back of her cloak has an outline of a heart and hanging from that heart a string of blood red beads. They mean so much to her as they are a reminder of her moon times and the strength she got from them. In fact she still does as her body is linked strongly with the moon phases. There are 3 metal hands attached to the cloak. They are symbolic of her place within the triple goddess pantheon of Maiden, Mother and Crone.

Welcoming her into your home helps to link you with what has gone before and what has still to come.


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