Sp gift, more Meret knitting and birthstones

I received my final SP parcel today and look what was in it:)
From a company I hadn't heard of before. Brooks Farm Primero kid mohair. Isn't it gorgeous? There is 8 ounce/500 yds in this skein and the colour is me most definitely:) I love the feel of the yarn and will really enjoy knitting with it. Must check out this company for possible future reference:) Thank you SP.

Then I have been knitting
Another Meret for YOSH. This pattern is offered free by Woolly Wormhead but while you are checking it out do look at the other patterns she has designed. Some beauties there.
The yarn is handpainted blues unnamed. 1 100gm skein made the hat with just a few inches over as you can see in the next picture. I love this pattern and will be making more of these.
A close up of side view and tiny amount of yarn left over.
Back view. I did an extra set of repeats to make a slouchier hat. I want one now:)
Yesterday we went to visit our friend who has a gift shop which she is sadly closing now. Mr Mog is helping her to move the stock into temporary storage. She is thinking of moving down to Cornwall as it is somewhere she has always loved. Hopefully she has found a shop to rent and a house. It is too far for popping in to visit so we will have to make plans for a few days at a time. No hardship as I have always wanted to return to Cornwall. It is almost 30 years since I last visited so I think I am due a return don't you? She had a sale on while we were there and while browsing I came upon the pendant you see here. I don't normally wear green jewellery but this called to me.
Do you know what the stone is?

It is Peridot, coincidentally my birth stone. Methinks it was an auspicious purchase. How about you? Must read up on why I need peridot.
The rash:-
Isn't any worse and seems to be possibly a fraction improved. I'm using aqueous cream with added lavender essential oil. I'm cutting out baths as I think the heat is making the rash worse. Showers only for now. I am certain it isn't eczema as both ArtisAnne and I have had the same thing.
Just so long as it vanishes then I'll be a happy moggie.
No visit to Mum this week due to the MRSA, my rash and Mr Mog's stomach troubles. We will be going next week when we have to tackle a social worker who thinks mum is fit to go home and believes her entirely when she says she has carer, shoppers and friends (also 90 and unable to walk very well) who will come in if she rings. They haven't inspected the cavernous monstrosity of a house that she lives in with a bathroom upstairs along a very long landing after tackling steep stairs, all with a zimmer frame? I don't think so.Despite Mr Mog being next of kin we haven't heard from them direct it has come via his sister. Not a problem who they contact but for the fact that I have telephoned 5 times this week leaving my number and asking for a call from her.
We have our list of key words and phrases to use when we do see or hear from them, this to ensure that she doesn't just get sent home with no signs of any back up . We just want to know that mum is safe and being looked after. Not much to ask is it?


Robin said…
I'm so glad you liked the Primero! I thought you'd like the colors :) Peridot is my favorite stone, although my birthstone is amethyst.
Blue Witch said…
Oh gawd. Great recollections of what happened to Nan MrBW here. I just do not understand why SWs believe all older people tell them (especially when they often believe it themselves too). Is your husband just next of kin or does he have Power of Attorney? Do you need any advice on procedures? If so, just ask.

What soap/skin cleanser do you use? If you are not wed to a favourite, I have some very creamy cucumber we made a few weeks ago that is ready now - mostly cocoa butter, olive oil, cucumber and a hint of grapefruit oil (which is hardly noticeable). I've been trying it out as I have very sensitive skin and it's fine for me. If you'd like to try it I could send you a small bit in the first instance - but, if you only use one sort, no problem, I shan't be at all offended!

Lovely necklace. Shame about your friend's shop - so many round here are in similar sad states.
Angeluna said…
Brooks Farm is one of our local Texas enterprises; Sherry dyes, Dena does the other things. They have sold ONLY at fiber festivals, though recently they have added the possibility to buy directly from their website.

My friends and I are devotees of their yarns, all of them. I'm knitting now with their Acero and with their Solo Silk. Thrilled with both.

They have several free patterns on their site for their yarns.
Artis-Anne said…
That yarn is really yummy looking and I am sure it will knit up beautifully . Great chatting to you yesterday and I am glad the rash is slightly better. Go back and harass the doctor :)
Blue Witch said…
I've been thinking - I suspect that if you and Artis-Anne have the same rash, then it's something chemical in either dye or wool that you have both come into contact with.

As I'm sure you know, wool processing chemicals, and those they dip sheep (etc) with, are very nasty things.

Given that the problem is probably chemical, the last thing you need to do is use more manufactured chemicals/pharmacueticals to solve it.

Great to see this morning that the 'truth' on the uselessness of OTC cold cough etc remedies is finally out.

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