Fabulous yarn colours for Spring:)

Just look what arrived in today's post. Doesn't it fill you with joy? The colourway is Y Gwanwyn which means the Spring.
Sent by the lovely Artis Anne and I am sure if you asked her nicely there would be some more in her Etsy shop Mam a Mi
I had mentioned to Anne that I was going to do Project Spectrum again this year. The theme is The Elements and first one is Earth for March and April. More details at the above link. It isn't just for knitters as you will see:)
I wanted some zingy green yarn for both the earth direction and for Spring. Something to cheer and make me smile while I knit. The kind of colour whoever wore the socks would smile at when wearing them. Anne offered to dye me some and donate it for YOSH. Thanks Anne.
Just look how the other items in the parcel coordinate with the theme.
A close up of the yarn which is double knit so easier for this moggie to knit.
Thank you Anne, yes it did make me smile and was exactly what I'd been thinking of colour wise.

We had a little stroll in the local park this morning and things are starting to bud and flower as you can see. The Goddess is awakening and the ground is starting to warm up
Lots of nest boxes around the park and a delightful place to sit and contemplate the return of Spring.
Forsythia is flowering.
Thank you for all the helpful hints for the manky rash. We are going to ask for a second opinion and in the meantime I'm trying out one or two of the suggestions. It is still very painful and sore.


Roobeedoo said…
That is such a fantastic colour - it almost fizzes! Good luck with the second opinion.
Anne said…
I love the colours of the yarn - full of the promise of spring. I'm sorry that you are still suffering from the nasty rash - hopefully you will find a remedy soon. Have a good weekend, love, Anne
Blue Witch said…
Gorgeous greens. So springy. I wish the weather here would hurry up and catch up with them...

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