Socks, snow and family

This has been a roller coaster of a weekend. Yesterday we went up to Cumbria. Several reasons, to visit a friend or two and to see Mr Mog's mum.
The first parts went fine we had lunch and much sociability with Cae and Graham. Didn't want to leave as the log burning stove was so cosy. We had a magical journey up to Cumbria as everywhere was covered in snow. I'll upload pictures tomorrow, too tired tonight.
From Cae we journeyed down to Aspatria to see an old friend who we haven't seen for a few months. Had a great evening, lots of laughter and general enjoying being there.
This morning we had a cuppa then decided to leave breakfast til we had seen mum.
You can imagine our horror and upset to find her sitting between 2 rooms unable to move and extremely confused. To cut a long story short we got the emergency doctor and they have taken her into hospital for tests and care. We arrived at 10am and although doctor came as soon as possible it was still after 11 when she arrived. We then had to wait for an ambulance. We were told it could be 4 hours. We didn't want to take her in the car as we weren't sure if she had damaged her hip. Ambulance wasn't that long but it was still nearly 2 when we went over to the hospital. On the way we grabbed a quick sandwich as both of us were flagging.
We left the hospital around 3 to come home in a blizzard. It snowed all the way home. We have to wait to see what doctors say about mum and what options there are for care etc.
Mr Mog is very upset as you can imagine, in fact we both are. Mum is 90 in May so not a spring chicken and any fall, illness isn't easy to cope with.
I've uploaded a picture of my latest socks for the hospice appeal. I thought it would add a little colour


Can't wait to see your photographs, I bet it was beautiful there!

I hope your mum hasn't got anything seriously wrong, and that you'll all be alright. Keep your heads up x
Dominique said…
sorry to hear about your mom's fall. I hope she recovers soon...
Lisa said…
so sorry about your mum-in-law. very lucky she is to have you all to care for & help her. i hope all goes well.

p.s. lovely socks
Artis-Anne said…
Oh Amber I am so sorry to hear about Bob's Mum . What a shame and after you had had a lovely weekend until then:(
Elizabeth said…
Thinking of you and Mr Mog, and of course Mr Mog's mum.

Elizabeth x
Roobeedoo said…
Oh dear! So glad to hear you made it home safely - hope things improve for your mum too. Great socks!
Oh heck! Sparkles and hugs coming up your way from all the way down here . . . .
oh no i hope she is okay now?

cumbria~gorgeous, my dad lived in brough and i travelled the area in my 2cv :)
Ruth said…
You have my compete empathy on mom's fall. I have a 94 year old mom, and she can't live alone any more.

We were fortunate to get her into a senior residence with her own apt, and 3 meals a day. she's been there almost 3 years, and once the initial adjustment was made, she's been quite comfortable.

I hope you find a good solution for her.

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