Fabulous sunset.

Just look at today's wonderful sunset over the houses. Isn't it beautiful? I caught it by chance as someone parked on our front and whilst checking who it was the sunset claimed my attention.

Good job I was nosy wasn't it?

Shame about the street lights but they are quite put to shame by Mother Nature's own light.
Rash is a little better, hands not quite so painful and back is clearing slowly. I've 3 days of antibiotic pills left so hopefully they will clear the remainder of the infection. I'm not keen on the gloves for knitting but needs must.
I've nothing to show you yet but take my word for it, socks and shawl are progressing.


clarabelle said…
Beautiful sunset! Lucky you, we just have mist and murk at the moment...

Hope your horrible rash clears soon, poor you!
docwitch said…

Hope you're feeling better and the rash is improving. Good luck with the gloves!
BabyLongLegs said…
I love sunsets.......
Fire in the Skies :D

Hugs for you and your rash......I hope it gets better soon....Bio Oil may help the dryness....and stop scarring.

Loves to all :D

S xXx

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