700th post, more socks, total for January + WIP

This is my 700th post according to blogger. Didn't realise I'd done so many.
This is the final pair of socks for January. The colour reminds me of winter skies and spring flowers.
Then a close up of the heel, just because.

That makes my total for YOSH this month 4 pairs of socks, 1 hat and 1 calorimetry. Not bad going is it?
Especially if you think I have done other knitting such as Mr Mog's socks and then the following WIPs (Works in progress)

shawl in mohair boucle plus a thread of fine mohair.

close up. Doesn't it look warm? It also feels it. I'm running short of the mohair boucle so I need to find some more or dye some.

This is current progress on the socks using the yarn I swapped Laal Bear for. Double knit.
This is also a sock in progress for YOSH. The yarns were too fine so I've put them together. I think they look good do you?
Next post will be my poem for Imbolc and the 4th annual poetry for Brigid in the blogosphere poetry slam. Are you taking part? I love following peoples links to new poetry. Its wonderful that so many take part in it.


Wishing you Imbolc sparkles and greetings!!!
I like the poem and the femmes! Thanks.

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