Valentines Day, say it with socks, Femmes update

I thought I'd post my latest socks in a Valentines theme:)
Yarn was unnamed sock yarn which I've used double. They feel lovely and soft and I'm sure the hospice recipient will love the colour.
A long day yesterday, early doctors appointment then off to Cumbria to visit mum. We stopped off at friends for lunch which was great. It broke the journey and gave us food before continuing to the hospital. Mum is much better, she apparently has an infection in the ankle bone but it appears to be improving with the treatment. She is still confused but very happy at the hospital. She is also talking about the friends at the local sheltered accommodation and not poo pooing the idea of maybe going there. I think she likes all the attention as well, it is bound to be doing her good.
Doctor has put me on strong antibiotic pills and new steroid/anti bacterial cream for the rash. He thinks it is a bacterial skin infection and I've caught it from having a virus and being run down. Don't care how I got it I just want rid now , please. I'm wearing cotton gloves for knitting and that is helping me.

Now a femmes update. With all the kerfuffle of the past week I'm not sure who asked for what. Please can you get back in touch and let me know if you wanted one of the femmes so I can send them to their new homes. I know Aknita is having one for her prize giving and that one is winging its way overseas to Canada it is the rest I am unsure on


WOW! Now that's what I call colour! Fantastic....Hey Ambermog... we just don't 'DO' beige do we? lol.
The world will be a darker place when us rainbow children have gone! hehehe

Love and blessings,
Sue xxx
Anne said…
Hi Amber, hope the hands/rash will now finally clear up. Glad to here Mum is a bit better. I had said I would love to have Belissanna - I don't have wool to trade for her, so I could either pay for her .... or perhaps I could make you a patchwork/quilted wallhanging? I still have the article on Divas for you - so please e-mail me your address (and surname) love, Anne
Aknita said…
Lovely socks as usual :-)

I'm so pleased to hear that things are improving with regard to your mum. They can be such a worry when we live a sizeable journey away, can't they.

Am I still alright with Iridicassia?
Diane said…
You must be so sick of feeling sick! Hopefully this round of treatment will have you back as good as new soon.
Anonymous said…
I was hankering for Iridicasia.... I'll be emailing that moebius bag pic as soon as I get to the home computer...(oh, but it's on Ravelry! where I'm ShadowDancer)

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