Colour and its effect

Does colour have a big effect on you? It does on me. The reason for the blog title is I have just hennaed my hair.
I had noticed that the grey was looking scruffy and the hair was flat:( Some of that is this silly rash which is also in my hair. I would quite like to be grey if it was grey consistently but it isn't. I have approx 20% grey and that just looks so silly. Also I love being a redhead, it goes with my Leo character and also with my love for bright bright colours:) Anyway I digress.
This afternoon I finally got round to colouring my hair and it is now vibrantly red again. It cheers me and makes me smile, not a bad thing.
I decided I would show you some of my older projects that I don't think have been on the blog. There will be a current knitting update , maybe tomorrow.
This was a knitted bag I did from some colinette mixtures. I added the fox as a fastening because it looked well with the bag. I beaded a fringe for the bottom. Pattern my own.
I used to do paper arts many moons ago and took part in a postcard exchange. Each month you made and sent 5 postcards to random people on a list. You in turn received 5 different ones back. I'm thinking of starting to play again in this exchange as I have a yen to get back to paper crafts as well as knitting etc. Can you read the writing? It says "Faery is visible from the corner of your eye, a glimpse a glance as you pass by, the merest sight then goodbye"
This piece was embroidery. I dyed the fabric and most of the threads. Then a simple matter of layering threads and hand and machine stitching. This piece was sunset.

I also used to do beading, as did Mr Mog. We went to weekly classes. I much preferred freeform beading(naturally) to doing set pieces. This is a pin I made.
This is a collection of tiny witches on broomsticks I made.
We had a long day yesterday visiting Mr Mog's mum. It started out quite well, we visited Castle Howe and it was fabulous to be among all the old trees on the grove.
Sadly when we got to the hospital mum wasn't in the ward. When we asked a nurse where she was we were told she was in a room on her own. She had contracted MRSA. I asked the nurse why they hadn't phoned Mr Mog or his sister and was told it isn't hospital policy to phone. They tell family when they arrive?
Mr Mog wondered what would happen if family lived abroad?
We had to don apron and gloves before going in. Mum is not doing too badly and was quite well in herself. We however would not have gone that day if we had known. I still have this awful rash all over the body and obviously don't want to catch anything else. As doesn't Mr Mog. We did see mum but didn't stay too long. What also surprised me was that we had to don gloves etc yet nothing was on the door and a friend of hers called in with another patient from another ward who she was visiting. They didn't cover up. No wonder that MRSA is rife if this happens.


Love the bag :-) Hope your mam gets better soon.
I have nominated you for a Kreative Blogger Award on my blog

I know you've already got one but you deserve another xx
Dianna said…
Here in the US, once a patient has MRSA, they are kept on precautions forever in the hospital, assuming they carry the bug. However, their families go in and out of their rooms without donning gloves and gowns, and the same patient goes to public toilets, leaving MRSA for the rest of us to contact. Scary stuff.
Dianna said…
PS Forgot to comment - I LOVE your witches pin. It's great!
Angeluna said…
Well Ambermoggie, I checked in to see your newly red again hair. Sadly no photo.

But I read about Mr. Mog's mum. Glad she seems to be doing OK. They gave my son MRSA during his long stint in the hospital last year. He came through it although it damaged his heart, but he had no immune system at the time, so I'm sure it was worse.

The rules were crazy. He became a pariah. Anything that went into his room, including expensive and eventually unused medical equipment, could never come out. Everything was thrown in the trash. And yet dishes went back into the same stack as everyone elses. Some nurses covered up, and some didn't. Some techs would touch his tubing and meds with bare hands! Made me crazy. I made a sign to put on the door and over his bed telling the medical people to wear gloves and gowns. They are the ones who carry the MRSA, not the people from outside. And obviously, anyone who had been in the room could carry the MRSA out. The family wasn't allowed to use any common areas, but of course you go in the bathroom or touch the doors or push the button in the elevator. I watched a med tech scavenging in her nose with her finger, then using the same finger to push the elevator buttons. YUCCH! The execution of any sanitary rules is obviously dependent on these morons.

I made it a habit to take bleach wipes and clean the room constantly, anything the patient could touch, and don't forget the telephone.

Good luck.
docwitch said…
All of your artwork is stunning Ambermoggie! The embroidered piece is wonderful. And I highly approve of the witches...hehehe

Is beading as tricky as it looks? I thought I may have a go at it some time.

I'm with you on colour having a big effect on us. As a redhead who is going grey in very odd and inconsistent patches (grrr) I've been thinking of going the henna at some point. I just wouldn't feel quite me without red hair.

I hope Mr Mog's mum makes a rapid recovery. It's very difficult having a loved one in hospital. All the best to you.
Blue Witch said…
MRSA is contracted through poor nursing/cleaning/hygiene practices. I'm not surprised they don't phone people, it'd be like saying, "We haven't been doing a proper job..."

If it were my relative I don't think I'd be able to prevent myself putting in a formal complaint - particularly given what you witnessed with the other friend/patient (a great way for it to spread to curretnly non-infected wards)! At the very least I'd have words with the ward manager.

Lovely to see some of your other work. I see you even have an effigy of me!
I am with you on the hair colour thing. I decided to be a blonde once a bit of grey started to show through, It's hard to keep up but it does make me feel less of an "old" lady.

I used to henna my hair when I was in my 40's and often had traffic light red hair when I over did it!

I am all for growing old disgracefully.

Hope the rash clears up soon and Mr Mog's mum gets better quickly.
Roobeedoo said…
Has the doc considered it might be a fungal thing? Try eliminating sugar and yeast from your diet to see if it improves things.

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