Project spectrum and rashes:(

No photos tonight but tomorrow there will be Valentine socks.
I've finished them and I love the colour. I hope you will too. I knit them with cotton gloves on:( The hands are worse, I now have what look like water blisters and they are sore. The rash is all over my body and I even have some spots in my eyebrow and hair which is a bummer. The ones on my hands and feet give most trouble though. I've an appointment tomorrow morning with the doctor. The anti histamine pills and antibiotic cream don't appear to have helped, the steroid cream certainly didn't. I've tried calendula cream, plain aqueous cream, plain cream with tea tree and plain cream with lavender. No avail. I'm starting to wonder if the yarn is at fault. I'm hoping not. I painted the nickel on my harmony needles with nail varnish so that shouldn't bother me now. I can understand an allergy making my hands bad and even my feet wearing knitted socks, but the rest of my body?
So I purchased the cotton gloves at Boots(thanks Vicky) and they are keeping the yarn from my hands, yes I'm still knitting. It helps keep me sane so would you have me stop? Certainly not at the moment that's for sure.
Tomorrow after doctors we go up to Cumbria to see mum and get results(hopefully) from the doctors. A long day.

Now Project Spectrum, Lolly has organised this the past 3 or 4 years and this years theme is the elements. I'm playing along are you? Check out the link for more details. It isn't just knitting, it can be any form of artwork within the elements/seasons. Right up this Mog's street.
There are the femmes for a start, the knitting, the dyeing, photos of wildlife, plants and flowers. The list is endless.


Spindlers2 said…
Years ago, Pete knitted with yarn that we think did something similar. Not as drastic, just his hands, but cotton gloves helped, and the rash went away when he had finished. We came to the conclusion that chrome had been used in the dyeing process. A small proportion of the population is sensitive to it - one of the many reasons not to use it as a craft dyer! Hope you recover soon.
Anonymous said…
Have you tried Bach's Flower Rescue Remedy cream? awesome stuff that.

Meanwhile, I loved project spectrum...I may try again, thanks for the reminder.
Anonymous said…
Oh, and by the way....
I nominated you for the Kreative Blogger award, stop by and get your award.. :-)
Oh NO! Poor you! What a bummer. Hope it improves real soon. I wish I could suggest something, but you seem to have tried everything I could come up with.

Thanks for the link, I may just join in that....between breaths that is lol.

Love Sue xxx
Anonymous said…
I am doing PS4 as well, I hope your rash clears up quickly. I am not as prolific as you and your crafts but I like to do all of the same things and have also done an element doll series. I am happy to bookmark your blog.

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