A walk on the wild side:) AKA what to do with leftover sock yarn

Yes it is true

I've taken a walk on the wild side,insert Lou Reed song:)
For a long while,well since January actually, I've been wondering how I could do justice to the remains of all the sock yarn I'm using for the hospice socks. Yes I know I could make smaller pairs as well but you know a person has to do something other than socks once in a while. So finally today I did:-

Oh look! What is that in the midst of the sock yarn leftovers?
Could it be the start of a crochet blanket?
Ha! bet you didn't know I could crochet did you? Not a lot where patterns are concerned but since I was a little girl I have made crochet blankets and throws. Oh and for my first narrowboat I made cushion covers in elemental colours. Haven't done much crochet lately because of the socks, and the shawls, and the socks and the....
So what do you think? A good way to use leftovers? Some yarns didn't have anything left over and some I made some tiny socks with but I would say there is a good start to a blanket here wouldn't you?
The idea is that while it is small I'll do 2 rows of each colours randomly as they come out of the bag but with a colours that continues in between like the brown one here. Hopefully that will tie it together a little. I didn't want to do squares as my hands are too sore to stitch them together and I can't be bothered to have to crochet dozens, even hundreds together. Maybe slight exaggeration there on the 100s:)
At the end of the year I'm going to raffle it with all proceeds going to?
Yes you've guessed, to the hospice.
There will be a wide variety in it from Opal and Regia to Wollmeise and Posh. A little of all the leftovers I have.
Watch this space.
Mr Mog has his appointment with the doctor at 8am in the morning so keep your fingers crossed please that they can do something to help.
Then a fun filled day with our 2 grandsons before they go back to school on Tuesday. Elder one starts at big school, a big day for him.


Artis-Anne said…
Great idea Amber :) Fingers crossed for tomorrow
maylin said…
Good vibes and hugs for Mr Mog. You should have enough leftovers for the blanket already the number of socks you've been knitting!
Roobeedoo said…
Oh well done! I keep planning to start on a leftovers blanket but I never quite get going. Hope the doc has the answer!
Dominique said…
so it will be one big square then? It looks interesting, please show pictures regularly!
Jean said…
The blanket should be an interesting adventure, one where the creator doesn't even know where its going until you get there. How much fun is that and all for a worth cause. I shall be watching to see what fun develops. My heart goes out for your husband, I have had more than my fair share of health/doctor visits this past year, but determination to prevail overcomes it all. A love for life is important in any battle.
My role in life is to convert every knitter I come across into a crocheter. Even if they don't make garments I think it is so useful to make edgings for garments or blankets like you are making.
Luckily I don't have to brow beat you as you already know how to do it.
I must admit that I crochet my granny squares together as I try to eliminate as many ends as possible as I hate sewing them up.
It's a great stash buster and blankets or lapghans are so useful for anyone who is not so mobile and feels the chill.
clarabelle said…
Somehow, crocheted squares seem so much easier, and more effective, than knitted squares! Gaaah, wish I could like crochet...

I have my fingers, and everything else, crossed for Mr Mog.
Anonymous said…
Great idea! I wish I thought of that...


beth (big geek)

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