1st magic loop sock finished

Finished my first sock using the magic loop style of knitting. Really pleased with this sock and the time taken to knit it which compared favourably with the normal method of 4 DPNs.
Despite pulling the stitches off one of the needles TWICE I enjoyed knitting this way.
The second sock will follow in due course. I'm going to try knitting a moebius cowl first:)
Watch this space


Cat said…
Very nice - it looks strangly snuggly!

I found that about magic loop, too - it's how I knit all my socks now. It helps that it also makes it much easier to avoid losing a needle if you cart your knitting around (my socks-in-progress live in my work bag for lunchtimes)/have pets with a tendency to think needles look like fun things to play with, of course.
Mandella said…
Lovely! I wish I could get into magic loop, but I hate the way the needles twist. I'm swatching on 2circs at the moment, but itching to return to the familiarity of dpns.

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