Feeling better and Mr Mogs birthday

I am feeling so much better today thank you :) Bug has gone and the early night last night has helped a lot.
Mr Mog celebrates his birthday on Thursday and if you all could send greetings I'd really appreciate it. A lot has happened in the year since his last birthday,and I didn't expect to be so optimistic as we are. It has been a long year and in lots of ways horrible so to have something to celebrate is great.
thanks again


Steph said…
Happy Birthday for Thursday Mr Mog! Hope you have a lovely day. It's my birthday on Friday so I'm taking the day off work - ahh, relaxing time at last. :-)
Roobeedoo said…
Happy birthday Mr Mog!
BabyLongLegs said…
Please send all my love and some big squidgy Birthday hugs to the wonderous Mr Mog!!!

Glad you are feeling better too....sleep is a great healer!

Sarah xXx
Hey there Mr Mog!! Here's to a wonder filled year of birthday sparkles and lots more positive vibes!

Artis-Anne said…
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu Mr Mog :) Hope you have great day:)
Love n hugs from me n him XX
Probably Jane said…
Happy Birthday Mr Mog - hope your day and the year to come is everything you would wish it to be!
Mad about Craft said…
Happy Birthday, Mr Mog!!!!!
Cecilia said…
Happy Birthday, Mr Mog & a HUGE hug! :)

Cecilia :)
Mandella said…
Happy Birthday Mr Mog and Many Happy Returns. Hope the year ahead is a good one for you.
Cinders said…
Happy Birthday for Thursday MR Mog. wishing you a good year ahead
FairiesNest said…
Happy Happy day to Mr. Mog!!!
Blue Witch said…
Happy Birthday Mr Mog!
Hope you're both well today and will have a lovely day.
MiffyRabbit said…
Hope you have both had a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday Mt Mog
nadine said…
Gigantic Wishes
of birthday happiness for Mr. Mogs.

Birthdays should last a season, i believe. not just a day.
We all need a good reason to celerate, and i think that Birthdays are just perfect for this. Also, this gives your friends & dear ones a longer chance to shower you with Good Wishes.

Many many happy returns.

xxxx. n.

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