A sock for Mr Mog

The first sock for Mr Mog using my own hand dyed yarn. What do you think? It is bright isn't it? He should be hard to miss that's for sure:) I love the colours very much. They yarn is nice but I think I'd like to find some thicker for winter socks. Still 4 ply but a thicker feel if you know what I mean?
Now a little rant;-
We had a walk on the prom this morning and called in at the continental market that is on this weekend. Didn't buy anything and do you know why? All the food was open to the elements, the wasps and flies etc. How is it that here in UK suppliers have to use oodles of plastic and covers for the things they sell yet bring over a foreigner and they can display just as they wish? Honeys were open for tasting, fair enough but each pot had many wasps around so who would want to taste? Bread unwrapped and people coughing and smoking over it. The cakes were in lurid colours , designed to make anyone hyperactive I'd think. These too covered in flies and the guy selling was sneezing over them. Would you buy? No well I didn't either.
The large pans for cooking fish and potatoes were full of raw prawns waiting to be cooked, uncovered of course.
Mr Mog and I were laying bets how many people would have upset stomachs and food poisoning this weekend, bearing in mind how dreadfully muggy it is also.
Seems (according to the headlines on the Daily Mail in our local newsagents) we are forecast to have 10 days of rain I think all tomorrow. That will help the crops not:(
Right I'm off to start another sock, or should I dye some yarn, or should I wind the yarn I've already dyed? Who knows, I'll tell you next time.
Why is it that only here in UK do we have to follow the so called regulations?


Aknita said…
The sock is fab :-)

One of the highlights of a French holiday for me was a trip around the local markets, which were nothing like the one you experienced yesterday.

It is difficult sometimes to find a balance packaging-wise I think. I refuse, for example, to by any fresh vegetable which has been shrink wrapped and always refuse a bag for bananas - they come ready wrapped by nature ;-) after all.

But basic hygeine is a different matter altogether.
Blue Witch said…
I'm highly suspicious of these so-called continental markets that are springing up everywhere.

In Large Quite Local Town the people working them are immigrants whose relatives ship stuff over for them to sell at much higher prices than they get at home. They don't even have to have Basic Food Hygiene Certificates as our people do to sell in markets.

Isn't the EU wonderful? As you correctly say, it's only us UK mugs who do what they dictate.
I think that basic hygiene is essential no matter where the food comes from and I would not have bought anything, except veggies which could be washed,either.
I think Mr Mog's sock has a great colourway for him. Not much of the sock will show anyway betwixt shoe and trouser unless of course he is wearing his sandals! Be bold Mr Mog and wear bright. The weather is so miserable we all need cheering up.
twellve said…
i don't know anything of this hygiene you claim exists in the UK... all the markets i've been to here in the UK (or in any country, for that matter) have food out in the open without covering, as well.

i'd be wary of making blanket statements about 'foreigners', 'the EU' and 'continental' things in such ways. could easily come across as bigotry, which i am hoping (as a foreigner myself) is not the case.

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