The moebius they are finished:)

Phew, I've finished the 2 moebius. Oh did I not tell you I made another? Went to stay with friends last night and thought I'd take some of the mohair I dyed and a circular needle. My new knitpicks harmony option of course from my SP:)
What to knit, should it be shawl or what? I thought I'd cast on some stitches and see if I could do the moebius cast on off my own bat.
Here is the result. The pink one is huge but is ok wrapped twice round the neck, the misty mohair is perfect as a neck warmer. I didn't want to do just plain garter again so did bands of knit and purl. Not stitched in the ends yet or blocked but I love the finished effect.
As I said we were at friends for the night. We had a great time until I woke early morning with sickness, tummy bug and fainting spells. Spent rest of night in and out of bathroom and several times lying on bathroom floor as I didn't dare try and get up. I'm a lot better now just queasy but we are home. I didn't want to go to bed so thought I'd get Mr Mog to photograph the moebius and show progress.


Artis-Anne said…
Oh Amber sorry to read that you are poorly. Do hope its only a 24hr thing .
Love the moebius especially the mohair one :)
Rest up now cariad
maylin said…
That sounds ghastly hope you are well on the way to recovery. I knitted a Moebius in bands too and really liked the effect. I love the way however long we have been knitting there is always something new to learn. This eek I learnt how to do an alternate cable cast on and was really pleased with the result. I am so envious of your Knit Pick options, I just love the sock pins.
Sorry to hear that you have been poorly. Let's hope that the sea breezes blow the bug away now that you are home.

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