STR socks finished and on the feet. Lammas came and went

Finished the socks that rock socks for Mr Mog. Colour is jewel on the Nile. I like the finished socks and so does Mr Mog. I didn't like knitting them though. The yarn is pretty heavy and doesn't flow through the fingers like some yarns do. They do match don't they and how about the fancy heel?
But finished and they fit which is the main thing.
I'm going to start a pair for me now using some yarn ArtisAnne dyed for me. I've had to promise the next pair would be for me:))
Sold a few sets of needles so a little nearer the harmony needles, although I did get distracted when staying with Anne and I've finally purchased a panasonic bread maker.
I've wanted a decent bread maker for quite a long while now and kept putting it off. I can't make bread by hand any more and I did miss proper bread.
This was pretty cheap because I had some vouchers for Amazon from completing surveys, a boon when it gives you a discount. We made our first loaf last night with unbleached white flour and it is beautiful. Only a small hole in the bottom from the paddle as well.
I've been trying to get hold of Dove granary flour to no success. All the stores around here do a wide variety of Dove but not granary for some reason. I think I'll end up getting it on line.
Apt to make bread yesterday as it was Lammas or Lughnasadh. We also had pasta for tea with a tomato and chilli sauce made using our own tomatoes and chillis.
I'm hoping that now August is here things will look up. It is both Mr Mog and my birthday month after all. July was yuck.It was also new moon yesterday, all auspicious signs I'm hoping.
Fire shawl almost finished and soon be ready for beading. Mr Mog has promised to find me some wire for the beading technique.


Artis-Anne said…
Socks look good now they are done and they do match so vewry well. I think that heel is harder wearing , plus its pretty too . So glad you are pleased with the breadmaker, nothing beats home made does it ? I was in the guild today and guess what they were all raving about home baked bread and they all had a Panasonic and raved about them :)
You make sure you get some socks too love :)
Cinders said…
Love the socks. Yes you must ef knit for yourself next!
we ried a bread maker years ago. It was a cheap one and I wasnt impressed at all. I s'pose if we splashed out on an expensive one it's make good bread.
Anonymous said…
I'm in love with my breadmaker, although it is a Kenwood instead. I should probably get back to doing surveys. My mum does some and has a load of vouchers. I do like free stuff though!

Love the socks! They match very well.
I came out of hospital to a £10 voucher for Tesco from completing surveys. It came just at the right time for me to give it to my niece to get me some shopping in.
I had a craving when I woke for crusty french bread and now I have just read your post it has made my commercial rolls taste even worse! I hope that you find your flour soon.
Blue Witch said…
If you ask in Sainsbury's they should be able to get the Dove's granary in for you. I asked them to get in the gluten free one for me and they did - it's now a top seller as it's so excellent that no-one (well, at least those I've tried it on) can tell the difference in sauces, scones and cakes! Ditching the wheat/gluten ahs made me feel 10,000% better.
Roobeedoo said…
I get Dove Granary flour from Morrison's - have you tried there? Also tried Dove Barleycorn for the first time - mmmm! Lovely socks!

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