Yarn wound and a sorry tale:(

I've wound the yarn I dyed the other day, well some of it. Thereby hangs a sorry tale:(

You see this glorious kid mohair I dyed? Well I think(no I'm almost sure) I've felted it:( I tried to wind it and it is sticking to itself. Don't know what to do with it. So sad as I absolutely love the colours.

These however have wound fine. Top is the rainbow sock yarn , bottom left is the autumn thicker wool, right is the cashwool. This has such a silky look to it. I love them all.


Blue Witch said…
Well, you could cut up the felted wool and lay it into a bed of unfelted fleece/ merino tops (whatever you have) and then felt the whole lot together. If you used a neutral or natural (or much darker) colour, you wouldn't lose the lovely colours of this bit.
Blue Witch said…
Here's the (one) method if you haven't done it before:

maylin said…
If the yarn is not too sticky 1.e. you can actually wind it into a ball it may be ok, even if when you knit it up it doesn't fell right and you want to felt it then. The colours are too gorgeous not to use.
If you could cut it into lengths maybe you could use it to fringe one of your blankets?
Hook it through en masse as a chunk rather than strand by strand.
Is it too stuck together to use as hair for an elementale?

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