Mr mog is ok

Well all the tests came back and apart from having to go for another fasting blood test next week for diabetes as he is borderline and for bone density as calcium is borderline, they can't find anything else. Doctor said there definitely isn't an alternative to these hormone pills except the injections which are far worse. Looks like Mr Mog will have to just wait for the symptoms to die down. I guess it is good in a way though as it means nothing else is wrong.
So we have decided to just enjoy ourselves and to h%%l with it:)
BTW blanket growing and this is my 600th post can you believe?


clarabelle said…
Fantastic news - you enjoy yourselves!

And 600th post? Blimey...
Aknita said…
Oh that IS good news!
maylin said…
Happy 600th anniversary!!

Mr Mog is far more patiantthan me I think I would be borderline sane by now. Hope the symptoms settle soon.
Blue Witch said…
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! So pleased for you both.

GPs latest thing seems to be to push everybody into being diagnosed diabetic.

My advice (and this worked for me and 3 friends who were in a similar position) - invest a few quid in one of those finger-prick blood glucose meters from Boots (make sure you ask about the cost of the replacement strips before choosing though as the chepest meters aren't the ones with the cheapest replacement strips - strips usually cheapest at, then test your own for a week at various times of the day (first thing, after breakfast, mid-morning, pre-lunch, after lunch, mid-afternoon, pre-dinner and post dinner). Write it all down, and add in the times when you eat and what you eat.

Then you can produce it all to them and disprove their theory (hopefully!).

Lots of people who've had chemo or have unstable metabolisms have weird blood sugar control. Just because one's blood glucose is over 5 (or even 6) first thing int he morning (which is what a fasting test will probably show) does not make one a diabetic. It's what is happening throughout the day that is important.

And the Dear Old NHS don't bother checking *that* before they whack you on tablets or a restrictive diet. So, you have to beat them at their own game and come up with the info in advance of their results.

Chemo also often wrecks your calcium - again, the NHS love over-prescribing - calcium tablets (with added Vitamin D for better absorption) are much more person-friendly than the drugs they'll probably want to give you. IMHO these, and stepping up your dairy intake (natural calcium) and calcium from other foodstuffs (Google it and see) should always be used as a first line before jumping to something you'll be on forever.

*gets off hobby horse* ;)
Roobeedoo said…
Hooray! Great news moggies!
Cinders said…
So Glad Mr Moggs tests are O.K I agreee with Blue witch regarding the lood sugar after chemo. My mum is diabetic and was warned about it during her chemo.

Enjoy yourselves.

congrats on your 600th post.

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