Sock knitting may have become easier:)

Isn't this lovely? A real old lady and in excellent condition.


aniexma said…
Hooray for made in Canada!
Artis-Anne said…
I does look in great condition but I think I would still rather knit mine by hand ;)
Amber I adore this old lady! Where did you find her?
Cat said…
Oh, what a beauty! Where did you find it?
My mum used to have one of those. How I wish we had kept it but of course it got "lost" many years ago.
My dad used to sit there happily making the plain bits for her but she had to be the one who turned the heel as he never mastered that bit!
Thanks for the memories of my childhood that your blog has revived,
Oh wow! Fabbie! More exclaimations of wonder!!

You'll be knitting socks in seconds now! :)
Anonymous said…
Now that is super interesting!!! I've never seen or heard of a machine like that!!

Your SP 13
Rosie said…
What a wonderful find!
yvonnep said…
What a great machine... well, now you can make at least one pair a day ...:-)
docwitch said…
That's amazing! It looks slightly intimidating to use though...(from a novice knitter's point of view).
At first I thought it was a meat mincer, but that is probably a terrible insult to such a grand old dame, such as she is.
Mandella said…
Gorgeous. What a find.

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