Rash what me? and Woolfest/Wonderwool accom

Back to the doctor today as the rash has spread pretty much all over the body. This doctor thinks it may have been a virus I've had that has now come out in rash form. No more steroid cream suggestions, I now have anti histamine pills and antibiotic cream. Lets hope this works as I'm getting pretty peed off with the rash. I've been wondering if it is 2 things doing it because the hands aren't itchy just manky, rest of the body is so so itchy i could draw blood:(
Anyway enough of the depressing spotty mog stuff, anyone going to Wonderwool and Woolfest got any(cheap) accommodation suggestions in case I don't find, get offered, borrow a caravan?
We are going up to Cumbria Wednesday to visit Cecilia and I'm looking forward to it. Always great to meet up with one's like minded friends.


Wibbo said…
I hope you feel much better soon, Amber! Jan x
Diane said…
Fingers crossed that your current treatment works and you start to feel better soon.
Lynne S of Oz said…
Hope the rash settles down! One of my friends developed a food allergy at the same time as colouring her hair - the resulting rash was spectacular!
BTW Mr Mog has good taste in socks - mismatching!

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