Dyeing and nearly Imbolc the snowdrops are out.

I've been dyeing yarn today and hopefully pictures tomorrow for you. One of the things I did was to over dye some Colinette Isis. It was in the colour Morocco and a mucky colour as you can see. I've over dyed with jade,violet and electric blue but silly me forgot it was cotton:( It has dyed it but colours are muted. No matter it is still far better than the previous colour. The other yarns are very vivid though and I am thrilled to bits with them. It was ArtisAnne who suggested over dyeing so thank you Anne.
The sock knitting continues apace and pictures soon.
This time of year as Imbolc or Candlemas approaches I always watch out for snowdrops. For me it can't be Imbolc until they appear. I've seen my first large clump on the roadside into town so it can now officially head towards Imbolc. In some years it has been February 2nd and I've not seen any so Mr Mog has had to take me on a scenic tour just to find them. Least we don't have to do that this year.


Artis-Anne said…
I haven't seen any so far up here but then we are a few weeks behind :( but I always picked some for my Mum for her birthday which was on Feb 6th and her name was Eira which means snow.

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