Hospice year of # 3 will be socks and hats Yarn needed please.

I've come to a decision. The hospice "year of " for this year will be socks and hats. I decided they would do most good for hospice patients and families. Scarves are all very well as are fingerless gloves but what a person needs most to keep warm is socks and scarves.
My aim will be 1 pair of socks and 1 hat for each of the 13 moons of the year. I am hoping that like last year it will be much more.
This will be my third year of hospice knitting. First year was shawls, last year was socks. Getting to be quite a habit isn't it?
As always if anyone wants to donate yarn I'd be thrilled. Preferably worsted, double knit or thicker please due to my hand problems with sock yarn.
I've also had a very generous donation from Ruth Woolly Wormhead who has donated a copy of wee woolly toppers her hat book. Thank you Ruth.
My first pair of socks for January's moon are on the needles.
Watch this space.


Crobbles said…
Perran and I are all set to dye you some more yarn specially and I'm sure there are some nice bit's in my stash that need a worthy purpose. I really admire what you do :-)
Aknita said…
I've got some sock yarn Amber. Do you still have my email address - if so just send me your address again and I'll pop some in the post.

With my nephew having chemo, what you are doing is even more poignant for me. Good luck - and thank you.

Happy New Year btw ;-)
Roobeedoo said…
Amber - I have some sock yarn for you in very tree-like colours (though I can't be sure which tree!). Please email me your address and I will send it off. Happy New Year!
Yarnivore said…
If you require anything in the way of worsted weight acrylic yarns I can help you out.
My charity knitting would take eon's to use up what has been accumulated.
Katie M. said…
I'd love to donate some yarn if you could use it. I have some bulky- and worsted-weight wool and wool/acrylic mix just collecting dust (not literally) in the stash. Please let me know how I can send it to you.
Jan said…
Amber, what content of yarn are you seeking? Wool only, wool mixes, acrylic? I'm thinking you probably want wool or wool blends, but I wanted to check.

vtcjan at yahoo dot com

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