Dumb down TV:( Why do I bother?socks and donations:)

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the almost moronic TV we are now subjected to?
Documentaries can't be shown without distracting music being played all the way through them. Entertainment isn't entertainment without rubbish music throughout, quite often drowning any dialogue. Serious programme has to have funeral music. Watch any drama or should I say don't watch it but have it on whilst reading or knitting(or both) You know what is happening by the music.
Animal Park I used to watch quite often, after all it is Longleat and if you read my previous post you know that is on the list of "hope to do for this year". Insane music throughout and a dependence on the drama side.Also what is with the show a little of the item then say we will be back later. Can't we see each article in full before going on to the next one? Hallo this is supposed to be entertainment.
My latest rant, Going Green with Dick Strawbridge. Fairly good first series but this one is dire. In fact so dire I didn't even watch to the end. It is even more jokey than normal. Perhaps that is because they don't think viewers can understand normal speech, or indeed any item that lasts longer than 2 minutes. Wella fter allw e have the attention span of fleas according to them.The item on using crystal deodorants was pathetic. Use this, play football, smell our underarms WOW it works. It has got to the point now where unless it is a must watch(and those inevitably disappoint) I don't bother but get out a DVD.
I think the only regularly watched programmes chez Moggie are Eggheads; although I can't stand Jeremy Vine he is too patronising, Flog It in case we have something that is worth a mint and we can flog it. That's it off the top of my head.
Now lest you think all the moggie does is moan I have some finished socks to show you and some wonderful donations.

The red socks are finished for YOSH, pattern improvised, yarn DK,BFL dyed by moi.

Here you see the first items for January for YOSH. 1 hat and 1 pair of socks.

Then the dear postie brought some rather generous donations for YOSH.
Firstly from Ruth these 2 silky soft skeins.
I'm thinking Spring colours here, are you?

Then from Dreamcatcher, this fabulous set of pinks to knit up:)

Are we sensing a theme in colour choices? I will really love knitting these up thank you both.


Laal Bear said…
Oooo . Who rattled your cage then :0) Actually I agree totally with you , especially about Animal Park . Love the socks .
Wibbo said…
I haven't had a TV for several years and can't say that I miss it. Most of the stuff I'd want to watch I can see on BBC iPlayer or it's released on DVD (cheap enough if you wait a few months) which I watch on the computer. Digital radio, on the other hand, is great! Jan x
Crobbles said…
Join us in the "dark side". We haven't had a television for 6 years now. We watch films, documentaries etc. on DVD when we want to. None of us miss the box at all. In fact we find it very infuriating if we visit family and it's on all the time. My Dad used to call it "Chewing gum for the eyes".
Roobeedoo said…
Yup. FL needs to have the subtitles on for all those documentaries, as we found I was having to shout out the dialogue a few seconds behind the tv, over the music - and I often had to shout "Don't know - couldn't hear!" Glad to see the yarn arrived safely!
Aknita said…
What lovely yarns :-)

I'm afraid I wouldn't be without the tv - or Sky+ for that matter, on the other hand we watch a great deal of football and cricket which I know is not to everyone's taste.

The Strawbridge's used to live nearby, and my daugher used to be in the church choir with young Miss Strawbridge. Dick was often to be seen up town in his shorts - even in the wintertime!
Blue Witch said…
You're right, TV is so dumbed down that even the serious programmes are made for those with the intellect of a sub-primate species and attention span of a gnat.

I hate to tell Wibbo this, but, my understanding is that if you watch TV on a computer you still need a TV licence (actually, even if you only have a computer with a TV card in it, which many do). Ditto if you have a DVD, hard drive or VHS recorder that is *capable* of recording from air (even if you never do it).

I'm still feeling smug that our carbon footprint is 1.94 planets when Dick's is 2.40 planets. And yes, using son James as a sex object was never going to be a good idea. Although I understand he has the gay vote as well as the young female one, so maybe appealing to the pink pound is the idea? I met James and his dad in person last year at a posh art gallery private view. Neither impressed me.

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