Felicitations for the new year, current knitting and SP gift

Happy new year to all, may the forthcoming days bring much joy amongst the gloom.
All the forecasts are of depression,credit crunch and so forth but amongst that there is much to enjoy and be grateful for. Good friends, good health hopefully for all and joy to be taken when and where we find it.
With that in mind look at what the postman brought me on the last day of the year. A gift from my SP:))
Fabulous new book that I'd been eyeing on amazon but decided I couldn't get what with Yule gifts and all.
Mountain colors bearfoot yarn in my kind of colours:) I love bearfoot, I've knit with it before and it isn't too fine for the current state of my hands. It is almost DK I think? A delightful card that my SP got from Stitches. Thank you SP for the lovely gifts.
Then I've been doing some knitting this past week. This is the red I dyed to make socks for the Rav solid socks KAL. Sadly it is a little fine so I'm struggling to knit it. I haven't finished for December but hey ho. I will get them done in due course. I decided they needed a little patterning as they were semi solid and to me that was boring:)

I do love variegated yarns they always make me smile and are cheery somehow to knit with.

These definitely made me smile:) ArtisAnne brought the yarn as a gift when she came to stay a few days ago. Hand dyed by her the yarn is alpaca nylon and yummy. Feels like silk to knit and these socks were made in just over 2 days. Not bad considering we had visitors and neither Anne nor I knit all the time. We went to see the Laal Bears on Monday and had the most tasty lunch there. Sadly I wasn't too well so we had to leave a little early but I was glad we went. Anne and Tony left on Tuesday and it seemed oddly flat afterwards, we had such fun.
I thought I'd better start another project and it is socks again:)
This is the yarn that Ursula gave me for Yule. Isn't it gorgeous? I'm actually half way down the foot now. I've done the heel in a solid yarn that she gave me to compliment the variegated and it does. DK so easier to knit. I am sorry that I can't enjoy sock yarn or 4ply at the moment but comfort my self with the fact I can still knit with thicker yarns.

Yesterday was dreadful, freezing fog all day and dark most of the day. We went to pick up a new laptop for Mr Mog at T£sco. I don't like the firm at all but they did have the most reasonable laptop with a good price so it had to be. Mr Mog is very pleased with it and indeed so am I. So speedy and good to use. It is far easier than this PC and added advantage I could blog in bed on bad days:) Mr Mog has graciously said I can use it:)
Today is glorious though extremely cold. We have been up to the promenade for a very short walk, far too cold for me to stay out long but delightful in a perverse sort of way. Certainly makes you appreciate the warm house when you come back in.
We took several pictures but I love this one. Can you see all the frost on the rocks?
I am thinking of trying to do a photo a day for this year. We will see how long that lasts.
I don't make resolutions per se but normally do a little hand made book with things I would like to achieve in the coming year.
Watch this space next December to see how many happened.


Laal Bear said…
The yarn is coming out lovely . I'm so pleased . U x
yvonnep said…
Oh, I love the purple socks! Happy new year to you, or did I wish you that for the umptiest time?
Kim said…
Beautiful socks, Amber, especially the greeny ones :)

Kim x

(ps. did you get my email about payment?)
Artis-Anne said…
Thanks again for our lovely time and yes its a tad flat here too , roll on the next time :)
That book looks very interesting, it is in my Amazon wish list too .
Keep the socks coming , you will need them in this cold weather, brrrr . We are off down the beach today with 'the girls '
Happy New Year. I hope that your hands get better soon.
I hope that you manage to keep the photo a day for a year resolution. It will be interesting to see what you find to take photos of.
Happy blogging for 2009.
Love Jan x
intl said…
I'm not sure if my last comment went through, so I apologize if you get duplicates...

Glad you liked everything in the package! I took a look through that sock book and really liked it, even not being much of a sock knitter myself. I'm glad the sock yarn seems like it will be OK, as I was a little worried about that.

Happy New Year!

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